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woof woof wats for lunch lol


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hell the fuck no i dont

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Eisenmann P
House III (Miller House)
Overall view

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world’s okayest friend

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i wanna be one of those people who does yoga at sunrise and drinks water out of mason jars filled with berries and twigs and shit


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So…I kind of discovered my parent’s past and how they ended up being together today. Their up bringing was an eye opener, realizing how much is so different from today’s views, how women have more of a voice to speak and stand up for themselves. I say this because..well, everything started out as just friends for the two of them.

…And I think it’s safe to say they should have stayed just friends. It’s like they were forced from both their own parents to marry and have more children (me and my brother) after they had one child (my sister). Just from a brief story I can just feel the separation, differences, and the unhappiness they probably both felt all those years. Yet they couldn’t do anything about it really (their old fashioned parents) until eventually my mom put her foot down to get a divorce from him when I was about 8.

I never really put much thought into it, well I just learned this. But I came from two people who didn’t really want children (together) in the end.


Don’t get me wrong, I had a beautiful childhood. I could always feel the love they gave me growing up. But I never really saw the love between them.

That’s the past now, just something to look back at and just leave yourself with some questions, probably won’t get the answers you want, but that’s okay..

Today my mother is happy and loving with my stepdad. My dad is doing well with his girlfriend. As long as their both happy in their own lives…I’m just as happy for them.





CGI technology has brought the late Audrey Hepburn back to the screen, as she stars in a TV advertisement for the chocolate company, Galaxy. Hepburn’s sons, Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti, said regarding the project: “Our mother often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit, so we’re sure she would have been proud of her role as the face of Galaxy.” (watch the commercial here)

I wanna bring this back and remind everyone that the entire commercial is in CGI, not just Audrey. 

Holy shit

I assumed it was a good look alike. 

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